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What is Anza?

Start Today For a Great Future

Anza is a Freelance Marketplace with some exciting features. It has been designed and developed after thorough research to cater to the requirements of people interested in freelancing and other similar works. The design is contemporary but at the same time, it focuses on usability, visual hierarchy, and aesthetics to ensure easy navigation for the end-users.

  • Prons of Using Anza

    Why should I use Anza?

    Flexible working hours

    You pick your hours, work from home and work around your studies.


    Good work-life balance

    With no rules, you can take regular breaks and head out to see friends


    Control over your workload

    You can be selective about which tasks to take on, so if a job will take too long, or doesn't pay well enough, there's no harm in rejecting it.


How it works

It's very easy to use Anza

This system would allow freelancers and employers to register and create their profiles in few simple steps. Once the task is posted on the marketplace, the freelancers would have the option to submit their proposals for the employer to review. Once a proposal is accepted, the employer would be required to make the payment which would be received by Anza but it will also be shown in the wallet of the freelancer (after deduction of  Anza's commission) under the pending payments section. Once the project is completed and approved by the employer, that amount will move from the pending balance section to the available balance in the freelancer’s wallet.

  • Useful Tip

    The search function is very powerful and we highly recommend that you try it out.



Anza's Chat System

Anza has a built-in one-to-one message inbox system to enable users to communicate with each other if they have any questions regarding work or proposals. It also has a built-in review system that will allow employers to feedback and rate the work carried out by freelancers.

  • Important Note

    Communicating outside Anza is forbidden

    Communication for handling orders should be performed on Anza, through the order page. Users who engage and communicate off of Anza will not be protected by our Terms of Service. Requesting or providing Email addresses, s***e/IM usernames, telephone numbers or any other personal contact details to communicate outside of Anza in order to circumvent or abuse the Anza messaging system or Anza platform is not permitted and will result in a permanent ban.