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We’re Surprisingly Amazing
We’re Surprisingly Amazing

We’re Surprisingly Amazing

All too often, it takes tough, unpaid internships to get a foot in the door of your chosen industry. But, thankfully, there's a better alternative. With a bit of determination, you can become a paid freelancer, providing articles, animations, apps, admin support or anything else to the world.

  • Flexible working hours

    You pick your hours, work from home and work around your studies.

  • Good work-life balance

    With no rules, you can take regular breaks and head out to see friends

  • Control over your workload

    You can be selective about which tasks to take on, so if a job will take too long, or doesn't pay well enough, there's no harm in rejecting it.

Top Picked Categories

  • Computer & IT 1 Listings

    Computer and IT jobs can include everything from computer repair to designing internet security systems. Jobs in this field include programming and design roles, along with quality assurance and technical support roles.

  • Accounting & Finance 0 Listings

    Careers in accounting and finance involve processing financial data, organizing records, and preparing tax returns. These professionals also help clients with accounting records, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.

  • Administrative 1 Listings

    Administrative assistants oversee in-person and virtual offices, process and prepare communications, manage projects, support executives, and assist clients. They may work in the financial, marketing, social media, or business fields.

  • Project Management 1 Listings

    Project managers coordinate all aspects of a project to ensure it’s completed on time and on budget. They may develop the budgets and schedules for the project, schedule and coordinate all project-relevant meetings, and help all workers hit their project milestones.

  • Customer Service 0 Listings

    Customer service representatives provide information or technical support to customers so they can get answers and solve their problems. Customer service representatives often communicate with clients through a variety of mediums, including phone, email, and chat programs.

  • Healthcare 0 Listings

    Health and medical careers can include anything from providing medical care to insurance billing to scheduling appointments. As the population expands and people enjoy longer and healthier lives, this growing field needs professionals to provide direct and indirect services to patients.

  • Writing & Editing 0 Listings

    In the writing and editing fields, employees may develop original content, update older content, and proofread and make changes to content before publication. Writers and editors may work for online or print publications in a variety of industries.

  • Education & Training 0 Listings

    Educators and trainers help people learn and master new concepts. Using classroom or virtual presentations, instructors help people understand the material. Educators and trainers plan, develop, and assign lessons as well as evaluate student knowledge through testing and other means.

  • Marketing 0 Listings

    Careers in marketing are found in almost every industry. Marketing professionals help clients and customers identify their needs, then match those needs to the products and services the marketer sells.

  • HR & Recruiting 0 Listings

    In the human resources and recruiting fields, recruiters help match people with the right job at the right company. They may actively seek out candidates for open roles or review resumes to match applicants for open positions at a company.

  • Bookkeeping 0 Listings

    Bookkeepers work in a variety of industries, helping businesses keep track of their finances. They help maintain the general ledger by recording all transactions and may produce financial statements and reports to guide financial decision making.

  • Therapy 0 Listings

    Therapists work in both the mental health and physical health fields to help clients treat their conditions. They provide treatment plans and rehabilitation to clients using a variety of approaches and techniques.

  • Graphic Design 0 Listings

    Graphic designers create visual products for their clients. These products help communicate the overall brand message using visual elements to create an emotional connection between the products and the consumer.

  • Data Entry 0 Listings

    Workers in the data entry profession help ensure the smooth and efficient processing of large amounts of data. They may enter numbers, names, or other information into large spreadsheets or data processing programs.

  • Mortgage & Real Estate 0 Listings

    Mortgage and real estate professionals help people buy, sell, or rent properties. They guide consumers through the entire real estate and mortgage process, advising them on the best choices for the transaction.

<h1>Why You Need To Use Freelancers For Your Business</h1> <h1>Why You Need To Use Freelancers For Your Business</h1>

Why You Need To Use Freelancers For Your Business

Working with freelancers offers lots of growth potential for businesses. Here are some benefits to hiring freelancers for your team.

  • Benefits of Hiring Freelancers

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Access to top-tier talent
  • Better quality work
  • Connections
  • Diversity

Best Services To Start With

Liston Cosmas
Liston Cosmas
I will build any kind of website
  • 4.0 (1 Reviews)
  • 15
Starting From: Sh1,000,000.00
Emmanuel Kaaya
Emmanuel Kaaya
CNG Consultant
  • 4.0 (1 Reviews)
  • 23
Starting From: Sh500,000.00

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